Lesbian Transsexual Hardcore Dreams

Penny Peacock and Gina James have found themselves in each other’s lesbian tgirl fantasy.  This is a great scene over on Tgirls Porn a site that features almost all Transsexual lesbian action with the occasional tgirl on gender born girl.  One thing for certain is no dudes are in the videos which is a nice change.  Sure many of us can relate to the stunt cock in tgirl movies but it is much better seeing both cocks in a movie belong to only hot tgirls like Penny and Gina.  I have actually talked to Penny online quite a few times.  She seems pretty sweet, crazy horny and really wants to make a name for herself in the business.  I can’t speak for Gina but it seems Gina was totally down for this scene.

Often you see videos, especially the tgirl on tgirl videos where the models do not seem that into each other but not with these two.  Penny and Gina were made for having sex with each other and the action is quite hot.  Sure they would not mind at all if you would want to be the third in their tgirl sandwich but why not just sit back and enjoy these sexy tgirl future superstars go at it, lesbian style.

Gina James with Penny Peacock